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About  McCormick-i

Passionate About Inspiring Others

At McCormick-i, we provide tailored services to help businesses unleash growth through digital intelligence (DI) tech investments. Our mission is to help brands and businesses invest in the right tech opportunities to deliver digital experiences that grow their business. We also assist DI technology vendors and investors in identifying the best digital intelligence opportunities to generate growth


Our passion for digital intelligence technology has led us to be the best in the industry, and we strive to make a difference in the businesses that we work with. We provide a range of services including research, consulting, and support to ensure that our clients have all they need to achieve success with their DI tech investments.

The Digital Intelligence  Mission & Context

Why Care About Digital Intelligence Tech?

The Digital Intelligence Mission

At McCormick-i our mission is to continually research and understand how the very best organizations manage their digital intelligence investments so that we can learn and help our customers win with their digital intelligence technologies.

We do this through research, knowledge sharing, and consultancy.

The Digital Transformation Context

The global transformation of digital engagement and experience continues to accelerate and define and drive the age of the customer within which modern businesses currently exist.

Digital Intelligence Enables Transformation

At the heart of the global transformation of digital engagement is the digital intelligence (DI) systems that manage and analyze the data, which generates the insights that inform the right experiences.

Digital Intelligence Investment Is Accelerating

Given the acceleration of digital transformation, it is no surprise that the investment in data, analytics, AI, experimentation, and personalization technologies (aka DI technologies) continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Organizations Need A Holistic Approach

Many brands and businesses are not reaping the benefits of their DI investment and need a holistic approach as:

  1. They lack a holistic approach to how DI can support business growth;

  2. The return on DI investment is poor, and

  3. They are left behind as their competitors intelligently deliver the digital experiences their customers crave.

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