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Maximize growth potential with

Digital Intelligence Technology

How McCormick-i helps you grow

McCormick-i is a research-led advisory firm serving digital intelligence (DI) technology buyer, vendor, and investor communities.


We are dedicated to helping:

  • Technology buyers align their technology approach with their transformation and growth initiatives.

  • Technology vendors message and invest in the right market opportunities at the right time to stimulate the growth and innovation their customers and investors demand.

  • Technology investors understand the market and identify the highest growth investment opportunities.

We have decades of experience in the industry and we are committed to helping your business grow with your DI technology investment.


Digital Intelligence
Growth Services

Our suite of services is designed to help leaders grow their businesses with their digital intelligence technology investments by providing knowledge & understanding of the space, and support with the planning and execution needed for success.

Knowledge & Understanding

Our assessments, reviews and expertise provide you with the knowledge and understanding for the right DI investment approach.


Our tailored go-to-market services help you identify the right DI market opportunity and ensure you have a plan in place for business growth.


Our tailored research, thought leadership, and analyst relationship services ensure you are able to execute the right digital intelligence investment strategy.

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